Schiphol behind the scenes

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Schiphol Behind the Scenes
Find out how an airport the size of Schiphol operates! What is needed to keep all those planes flying? How do they keep the airport safe?

When boarding the bus, you are made to feel that you are entering an aircraft thanks to sounds from the air traffic control tower, the welcome screens and the boarding passes. A video presentation then takes you through Schiphol operations, explaining everything that needs to be done to allow air traffic to run at Schiphol. You will learn lot's of interesting stuff about the terminal, the runways, flight paths, runway maintenance, baggage and the bird control units.

Past anecdotes also feature regularly, such as the fact that the first flight in 1916 was a military flight, that cargo was also transported during the first passenger flight in 1920, and that there are three different theories on the origin of the name 'Schiphol'.

In short, Schiphol behind the scenes is much more than just a guided tour: it is a way to experience the dynamic nature of the airport.

Schiphol behind the scenes - itinerary

Schiphol behind the scenes starts and ends at Schiphol Plaza, and takes just over an hour. The tour goes past the take-off and landing area towards Schiphol East, along the old air traffic control tower, passes the aircraft hangars, continues on to the snow clearance fleet and fire service post in Sloten, and from there returns to Schiphol Plaza.

Before the tour starts you need to buy a ticket. You can do this via this website, or at our sales desk in the Planes@Plaza store. All participants require a valid ID!

Departure times Schiphol Behind the Scenes

We have tours all year round
Days: Tuesdag - Sunday
Departure 1 : 11:00 AM
Departure 2 : 13:00 PM
Departure 3 : 14:30 PM
Reservations required! (Full = FULL!). As of March 7th we will only operate at the above mentioned times.

Tickets and prices

Adults: € 15,50
Child 0-12 yrs: € 7,75
Ticket sales: Tickets can be purchased via this website as well as at Schiphol Airport. At Schiphol you can purchase your tickets at Schiphol Plaza at the Planes@Plaza store.

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