Schiphol behind the scenes

Schiphol Behind the Scenes tour

Have you always wanted to know how Schiphol, the largest airport in the Netherlands, operates? You don’t need to fly to know that there is much happening at the airport. The Schiphol Behind the Scenes tour lets you experience just how much effort goes into letting the planes fly.

Schiphol Airport
Tens of millions of people a year spend time at Schiphol airport. These people come to Schiphol, to fly, to look at planes, to relax, to shop, or to work. A lot of effort goes into making all these planes fly. So much, that you can see Schiphol as a small city on its own.
Let us surprise you, and find out how Schiphol operates and what is involved to keep this city operational 24/7!

The Tour
The Schiphol Behind the Scenes tour lets you see just how much happens outside and around this airport. This multimedia tour gives you a look at the airport from behind the scenes to give you a beter understanding of how it all happens. The tour will take you to places you normally would not be able to go. Some examples of places you will visit during the tour are the fire station, the snow fleet, the airplane hangers, the platform at Schiphol Oost and much more! Because the tour takes you along these locations, you can see how things work with your own eyes. In addition, a movie will be shown on scenes inside the bus. You won't miss a thing! Come and experience this for yourself, see Schiphol from close by.

In the wintertime (October 30 - end May) we tour from Wednesday to Sunday at 11:00, 13:00 and 14:30. h.
During the summertime (May 23 - October 29 ,2018) we drive at the same times, but from Tuesday to Sunday..

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